What are you learning?

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What Are You Learning?  

    "Anything truly revolutionary is created by a few who see what is true and are willing to live according to that truth; 
    but to discover what is true demands  freedom from tradition, which means freedom from all fears. All of us are 
    working together in a spirit of real co-operation in which there is no authority:  it is our interest in the teachings 
    which brings us together and helps us to work together."  Krishnamurti




    Did you know that most people who practice & study traditional karate never ever learn how it is applied in actual self-defense? In fact, they're actually taught that kicking & punching is all they'll ever need! Sound unbelievable---especially when physical violence includes so much seizing, clinching and grappling---well, it's true!  Why is this happening? It happens because most karate instructors have no idea how to effectively use the defensive principles hidden within kata; what's even more naive is most of them either don't care or think it's a waste of time!




    Could I become a victim? Unless you're being taught how to use the application principles handed down within kata, in the way they were meant to be used, your entire defensive repertoire is limited to kicking and punching. Even worst still is the frightening possibility that you may be seized, forced into a clinch or thrown to the ground where your chances of effectively defending yourself are, without this vital knowledge, reduced to pure luck! Surely this is not what you expected from studying the art of karate and would like more.




    Another thing to consider is this: For things to change, you have to change; it's the only thing inevitable in life. You may be one of those people who is skeptical or listens to what others say about us. I've got news for you.........it's simply jealousy. Our totally pragmatic and non-Okinawan based research has now made it possible for anyone to completely understand how traditional kata was developed and meant to be used in actual self-defense and it is possible for you to learn these secrets!




    How would this new knowledge improve your karate? It would increase your understanding of karate in every area and provide you with the tools necessary for effective self-defense, the way the original art was meant to be used!




    Isn't mastering this art your ultimate goal? What will happen if you continue to practice for the next 10 years as you have for the past 10 years? Will you be any closer to understanding how kata was originally meant to be used? Will you be any closer to mastering this wonderful tradition? If not, then why don't you consider doing what thousands of others have done and become part of a group of like-minded progressive learners not afraid to step outside their peer group to learn the secrets of kata?




    Are you from an eclectic-based discipline looking to make the change or a  traditional-based karate-style/organization looking to network with an international group capable of providing the kind of cooperation & support necessary for your continued growth? If so, then you should know that the Society mentors like-minded people from many different styles, organizations & countries seeking common goals through the classical art of karatedo irrespective of style or political affiliation. 



    Honoring traditional values & timeless principles, did you know that the Society represents a new generation of more progressive learner bent upon understanding karatedo, the art not the sport, through choice, not chance?




    Much of our success was built largely upon mentoring like-minded people from different karate styles, schools & organizations who came to recognize the need & value of stepping outside their peer groups to conduct additional research elsewhere. 




    If you're among the growing number of like-minded people interested in achieving these common goals, but are not yet affiliated with an internationally recognized organization advocating them, then perhaps now is your opportunity to become part of our movement? Our aim is to become your partner in the learning process & serve rather than be served. 



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