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Prof Wally Jay

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Prof Wally Jay [RIP]


Small Circle Jujutsu

2055 Eagle Ave.

Alameda, Ca.

USA 94501 


I first met Patrick McCarthy when he was still a teenager, and, with great interest I have watched his remarkable progress in the world of martial arts. I have witnessed the transition from all-round competitive champion, to respected teacher and international lecturer. It came as no surprise to me that Britain's Fighting Arts International Magazine described Patrick as the foremost historian of Karate do in the Western World. 


Learning Karate during a generation when the art was void of the answers he sought, his need to understand "how" and "why" were the determining forces in shaping the kind of person he ultimately became. Vibrant during his competitive career, he is as meticulous now, in his research and teaching, as he ever was as an athlete. Although the nature of his attention has shifted from the competitive arena to the field of research, the intensity with which he pursues "his obsession" is second to none. Anyone who has had the pleasure of taking a lesson, attending a seminar or sitting in on one of his illuminating lectures can immediately describe Patrick's regard for both the work, which captivates him, and the people with whom it is shared. 


In an effort to learn the answers for the questions he had his research took him to Asia where he remained for nearly ten years. There, his intense research brought him into contact with many of the most prominent experts of the Martial Arts. "Legend of the Fist" brings together the profound results of his quest to better understand Karate do history, philosophy and application. I highly recommend this text along with any other books written by this master to be included in your martial arts library. 


Prof. Wally Jay

Small Circle Jujutsu


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