Old-School Karate?


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These days there is no shortage of internet-based discussion groups filled with personal opinion surrounding what old-style Karate was/is and or was/is not. Ranging from the sublime to the mundane, much of the dialogue examples the widespread curiosity in this subject. Irrespective of the fanciful conjecture citing Karate as a completely systematized and coherent art, evidence would suggest that old-style Karate (古流空手) was little more than a local interpretation of Siamese boxing [a formidable fighting art on its own]. A common mistake often made by the uninformed enthusiast, especially when trying to grasp the historical/technical ambiguities surrounding the evolution and application of early Karate, is to depend too much upon contemporary assumption. Simply put, without a detailed study of the cultural landscape and social mind-set of those people who shaped its practice, and the concurrent fighting arts of that period, un-substantiated opinion remains little more than speculation. Undertaking such a challenge and brought together into a single study [by Patrick McCarthy] under the name Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu (古流沖縄手拳法術) the original five fighting arts of Okinawa's old Ryukyu Kingdom, and their unique supporting practices, are the central focus of the IRKRS


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