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IRKRS Accredited, Approved & Recommended KU Seminar Instructors


I personally recommend the following people as friendly, highly knowledgeable and exceptionally capable seminar instructors. If you have been a satisfied participant or sponsor of a KU-based seminar [taught by me] then I am sure you'll be more than satisfied attending or hosting anyone of my personally trained Renshi or Shidoin-level KU instructors. - Patrick McCarthy


Renshi Level Instructors


Ante Brannbacka     


Olaf Krey 



Chris Mazzali



Shidoin Level Instructors

New Zealand

Steve McLellan  



Frank Barca



New Zealand

Johnny Kennedy


Bob King


Bill Johansen


Darrin Johnson


Paul Lopresti


Jim Sindt





International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu

Research Society


Here's your opportunity to learn the 'secrets' of karate from an

internationally recognized Kenkyu-kai [study-group],

professional by example, but unbiased by style.


Applicants DO NOT have to be black belts or researchers, as membership criteria

is not based upon rank or knowledge


If you have questions about membership or need additional information, please contact the IRKRS

membership department at: or click one of our quick links below:


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