Patrick McCarthy has rediscovered lost practices contained within ancestral and classical kata and successfully systematized these findings into comprehensive study/practice modules. They're easy to learn and guaranteed to help improve your skills, and your curriculum, too, and without negatively affecting the cosmetice appearance of your style ---only enhancing it. The HAPV-theory and its corresponding two-person drill practices are the most imitated teaching methods used by seminar instructors today and have been assisting thousands of karate students and teachers around the world for more than twenty years. Our seminars offer an intelligent yet informal way of learning ... why wait any longer contact


"By 1985, twenty years of training in traditional martial arts [TMA] had left me rather frustrated by its rule-bound practices, inflexible rituals and cultural ambiguity. It wasn’t that I disliked TMA or wanted to leave it but I could no longer accept its modern interpretation of ritualized practices [i.e. kata, hyung, xing – classical choreographed routines/forms/patterns]. Consequently, I began to search for a teacher, a style, or even an organization that could teach me the original and more functional combative application practices in a rational, coherent and systematized manner. Specifically, I was looking for someone who could -


#1.Use realistic acts of physical violence as a contextual premise from which to improve my skills rather than continue to depend upon the rule-bound reverse punch scenarios, etc.

#2. Teach prescribed, yet practical/functional, defensive templates through which the original habitual acts of physical violence could be recreated and effectively negotiated.  

#3. Reveal how such prescribed templates [i.e. the mnemonic rituals which make up the classically choreographed routines] not only culminated the lessons already imparted but, when linked together, clearly offered something greater than the sum total of their individual parts.

#4. Clearly identify and demonstrate where these prescribed mnemonics exist in the classical-based choreographed routines [handed down in TMA] and how they’re linked back to the habitual acts of physical violence.


While there was certainly no shortage of excellent practitioners everywhere I looked, I found no trace of such teachings anywhere in Japan or Okinawa! Dissatisfied, I began to cross train. Cross training opened many new doors of opportunity while providing valuable insights about both training and life that I had never before realized. Based upon this experience I was compelled to make my own deductions, which gradually resulted in the establishment of the HAPV-theory and two-person drill concept. Such findings ultimately lead me to discover lost practices and the essence of what the ancient masters developed and what they intended for us to learn."


"Patrick McCarthy is pre-eminent in our field. Pioneer is a perfect description of his considerable status and accomplishments. I think he is at the pinnacle of karate research, practice and dissemination. Apart from our friendship, I can say quite dispassionately that Karate would still be 'fumbling' in the dark were it not for his exceptional work." - Nathan J. Johnson... England


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KU is a pathway bridging the gap between kata and kumite, which serves to strengthen any style's delivery system without adversely affecting its cosmetic appearance. 


7 Jan: Saxony [Germany] KU Hatsu-geiko hosted Hendrik Felber and the Furyukan in Koenigsbrueck [near Dresden]   


28 Jan: Brooklyn [NY] Koryukan with Sensei Paul Lopresti c/o Chris Korona 


28/29 Jan: Galway/Ireland with Sensei Jim Sindt c/o the Irish IRKRS 


28/29 Jan: Swidwin/Poland KU with Andrzej Kazmierczak c/o Marek Knut 


11 Feb: Kauniainen/Finland with Renshi Ante Brännbacka c/o


11/12 Feb: Königsbrück (Germany) with Renshi Olaf Krey c/o Hendrik Felber 


23 Feb: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen


25/26 Feb: Madrid [Spain] KU Nyumon-geiko with David Fernández & Jesus Espiga


25/26 Feb: Oshawa [ON] Canada - with Sensei Nick De Paolo hosted by Mike Coombes c/o 


10/11 March: Vaasa/Finland with Renshi Ante Brännbacka c/o


17 March: Kauniainen/Finland with Renshi Ante Brännbacka c/o


17/18 March: Bielefeld/Germany with Renshi Olaf Krey c/o Andrea Polzien


22 March: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen


24 March: Toowoomba [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Peter Wetherspoon 


24/25 March: Madrid [Spain] with Renshi Ante Brannbacka c/o of David Fernández & Jesus Espiga


31-1 Mar/Apr: Monaghan/Ireland, with Renshi Olaf Kray c/o Seamus Brady  


6 Apr: Mikkeli/Finland with Sami Sallinen (Ashihara), Hannu Nietosvuori (Renshinkan), Kari Koskinen (Wado) and Ante Brännbacka (Koryu Uchinadi) c/o


7 April: Meeting of Saxony-based KU groups in Koenigsbrueck [Germany] c/o Sven Koehler and Hendrik Felber  


14/15 Apr: Traben-Trarbach [Germany] Koryu Uchinadi Nyumon with Olaf Krey c/o Michael Schneider  


14/15 Apr: Tartu [Estonia] Koryu Uchinadi with Ante Brannbacka c/o Andreas Kangur  


14/15 April 2012: Leeds [The UK] Koryu Uchinadi Study Group gathering c/o Ben Ryder


21 Apr: Gräfenhainichen [Germany Koryu Uchinadi Nyumon with Olaf Krey c/o Maik Doring


21 April: Espoo/Finland with Renshi Ante Brännbacka and Marko Kauppinen c/o  


18-22 April: Myuna Bay NSW [Australia] The KU World Gasshuku with Patrick McCarthy details c/o Paul Massey-Reed  


26 April: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen


12-20 May: The Netherlands [Amsterdam & Veldhoven] - with Patrick McCarthy c/o the Dutch IRKRS  


26/27 May: Helsinki/Finland with Patrick McCarthy c/o Renshi Ante Brannbacka  


28/29 April: Vancouver [CDN] Koryu Uchinadi with Cody Stewart c/o Brad White 


2/3 June: Cesena/ Italy with Patrick McCarthy c/o Marco Forti  


4 June: London/England with Patrick McCarthy c/o Joost Frehe


9/10 June: Galway/Ireland with Patrick McCarthy c/o the Irish IRKRS  


11/12 June: Dorset-Southampton/England with Patrick McCarthy c/o Ken Fanner


13 June: Newton Abbot/England with Patrick McCarthy c/o John Burke  


14 June: Burton-on-Trent/England with Patrick McCarthy c/o Jon Jepson  


16/17 June: Madrid/Spain with Patrick McCarthy c/o Jesus Espiga 


18-21 June: Barcelona/Spain with Patrick McCarthy c/o Basilio Rodriguez Marin


23/24 June: Hassloch/Germany with Patrick McCarthy c/o Bernd Otterstaetter  


30 June/1 July: Swidwin/Poland with Patrick McCarthy c/o Andrzej Kazmierczak 


6-8 July 2012; KU Kangeiko - Sydney Koryukan with Wolfgang Vogel,c/o Darren Viemero


7/8 July: Fredericton, NB/Canada with Patrick McCarthy c/o Geoff MacDonald  


14/15 July: Sioux Falls, SD/USA - with Patrick McCarthy c/o Richard Gould  


20-22 July: Recife-Pernambuco/Brazil - with Patrick McCarthy c/o Angelo Rafael Peregrino Neves  


26/29 July: Brooklyn/NY - KU Special Summer Training and Masterclass Shotokan Kata Seminar with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy & Sensei Paul Lopresti hosted by the Brooklyn Koryukan and IRKRS Representatives ... Chris & Kasia Korona  


28 Jul/5 Aug:  German Koryu Uchinadi Gasshuku c/o Olaf Krey  


1-3 Aug: Georgetown, ON/Canada NA KU Gasshuku with Patrick McCarthy c/o Helen/Brian Sakamoto


4/5 Aug: Mississauga [U of T], ON/Canada KU Kata Concepts with Patrick McCarthy c/o Helen/Brian Sakamoto


10-12 Aug: Calgary/Canada with Patrick McCarthy c/o Verlin Koch, Alan Colter & Derek Taylor


12th of August 2012, Longford Martial Arts Centre, Longford, Ireland, KU 2-Person Drills and Yamaneryu Bo-jutsu, Shidoin Damian Murphy and Damien Costello, c/o Anthony Whelan/John Killane


18/19 Aug: Vancouver/Canada with Patrick McCarthy c/o Don Shapland


25th of August 2012, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland, IRKRS Gathering/KU Training, Shidoin Damian Murphy and Damien Costello, c/o Victor Burke


25/26 Aug: Gladstone/South Australia with Patrick McCarthy c/o Andrew Adriaens  


30 Aug: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen  


1 Sep: Fulda [Germany] Koryu Uchinadi Nyumon with Olaf Krey c/o Mathias Schäfer


9 Sept: 353 Torquay Rd., Grovedale, VIC - KU Kihon-waza, Kata Application Concepts & Groundwork, with Sensei Wolfgang Vogel c/o Malcolm Ayles  


22/23 Sept: Königsbrück [Germany] Koryu Uchinadi with Renshi Olaf Krey c/o Hendrik Felber


29 Sept 2012 - Madrid [Spain]:  Koryu Uchinadi Open-training c/o Sensei Jesus Espiga ...


6 Oct 2012 - Recife [Brazil]: KU gathering at Buki-ho Kai Gakko c/o Angelo Rafael Peregrino Neves ...


6 Oct 2012 - Kauniainen/Finland: KU Tegumi drills & close range fighting with Renshi Ante Brännbacka c/o


13 Oct: Gräfenhainichen [Germany] KU Nyumon with Renshi Olaf Krey c/o Maik Döring 


27/28 Oct 2012 - Maple Ridge, BC: KU with Sensei Cody Stewart c/o Brad White 


25 Oct: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen  


2 Nov Tielt, Belgium: (9pm - 11pm)  Koryu Uchinadi Uke-waza) with Renshi Ante Brannbacka c/o Ludovic De Cuypere 


3 Nov Tielt, Belgium: (10am - 5pm): Aragaki Niseishi (Kata & application practices) with Renshi Ante Brannbacka c/o Ludovic De Cuypere 


3/4 Nov: Zittau [Germany] with Renshi Olaf Krey c/o Thomas Hönel


10 Nov 2012 - Oswego, NY: KU Shiho Uke Futari Geiko with Shidoin Mike Coombes & Sensei Ron Sheyan c/o Brian Moore 


10 Nov 2012 - Kauniainen/Finland: KU Chokyu kata & futari geiko with Renshi Ante Brännbacka c/


17/18 Nov: Hassloch [Germany] Koryu Uchinadi with Olaf Krey c/o Bernd Otterstaetter 


17 Nov 2012 - Balaton MN: Ralco Technology Center - KU Uke-waza & Groundwork with Paul Lopresti c/o Jerry Lupkes 


22 Nov: Wynnum [Qld] with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen  


24/25 Nov 2012 - Bologna [Italy]: Koryu Uchinadi Nyumon-level application drills with Sensei Marco Forti c/o


1/2 Dec: Chemnitz [Germany] with Olaf Krey c/o Sven Koehler


8 Dec: Noosa [Qld] - with Patrick McCarthy c/o Rene Roggeveen


15 Dec 2012 - Espoo/Finland: General principles of stand up and ground fighting with Renshi Ante Brännbacka and Marko Kauppinen c/o



9/10 Feb 2013: Courtice, ON [Canada] at Hatsuun Jindo Martial Arts dojo with Shidoin Paul Lopresti c/o Sensei Mike Coombes 



Deep roots strengthen the foundation of this art and yet wings provide the means to continue forth on the journey of discovery. Practicing Karate links us inconspicuously to its past; through discipline and sacrifice we discover our inner-self; by training together we forge important bonds of friendship and by living the art we honor its heritage...



 If you're hosting/teaching a sanctioned KU-related seminar and it's not listed here

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*SPECIAL NOTE: Don't settle for anything less than the best! If it's not listed here it's not a KU seminar.



     _____________________KU is the old-school pathway linking kata to kumite____________________