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About the IRKRS


Hanshi Patrick McCarthyThe Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Kokusai Kenkyukai (International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu Research Society) is an information based world-wide organization dedicated to studying, the origins, evolution & tactical application theories of old-school karate & Okinawan kobudo.


Our membership is aimed at bringing together a new generation of more progressive learner seeking to better understand the true history and application practices of the original art, and not afraid to step outside their own peer group to find it.


Our information-base brings together the product of generations of experience for the purpose of sharing with its membership.


As an organization we encourage membership candidates from any & all Japanese & Okinawan-based traditional karate styles


Membership Types


???? Shibu Dojo (Branch Dojo) Branch Dojo membership is open to any accredited dojo directly involved with the teaching of the Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu curriculum. Read more


???? Jun Shibu Dojo (Dojo’s transitioning to a full KU curriculum and official affiliation) The goal of this Jun Shibu Dojo Membership Program is to facilitate the transition from your current curriculum to a full Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu curriculum. Read more


??? Junkaiin (Associate member) Associate membership is open to all individuals or dojos with an interest in old school karate practices and training methods expounded upon by the IRKRS and Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu. Read more



Originally founded in Japan in 1989 by Patrick McCarthy to serve a limited group of foreign enthusiasts interested in his research and publications, the Society ultimately opened its doors to the general public in Jan 1996 to meet the numerous and varying demands of a more progressive learner.


We are widely recognized for our HAPV-theory, 2-person drills, quarterly Journal, Karate Study List (KSL), instructional DVDs and comprehensive English translations which include many original books and historical documents; “The Bible of Karate”, The “Bubishi”, Matsumura’s 1882 “Seven Precepts of “Bu, and his 1885 Zaiyunomei, Itosu’s “1908 “Ten Lessons”, Miyagi Chojun’s 1934 “Outline of “Karatedo“, the minutes of the famous 1936 “”Meeting of the Okinawan Masters”, Motobu Choki's ”Watashi no Karate-jutsu”, “Taira Shinken’s 1964 ”Encyclopedia of Kobudo”, Funakoshi Gichin's early [1914 thru 1934] writings, and “Nagamine Shoshin’s “Biographies of” Karate & Tegumi Masters”, to name the most important ones.



International Ryukyu Karate-jutsu

Research Society


Here's your opportunity to learn the 'secrets' of karate from an

internationally recognized Kenkyu-kai [study-group],

professional by example, but unbiased by style.


Read about the many benefits of IRKRS membership

 Applicants DO NOT have to be black belts or researchers, as membership criteria

is not based upon rank or knowledge


If you have questions about membership or need additional information, please contact us c/o


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KU Kata now available on PDF


 The Revised Bubishi

[Bible of Karate]
New Bubishi - by Patrick McCarthy

The original manual of fightings arts most
treasured by the Okinawan pioneers of Karate


This beautful hardcover edition features over 250 line drawings, additional photographs, images and calligraphy. Along with more commentary and a new foreword from Patrick McCarthy, the first person to translate the Bubishi into English, the revised publication

is an excellent addition to anyone's library.


 Koryu Uchinadi Dojo







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